CREPIM: Material & Abusive Test Expert

CREPIM: Material & Abusive Test Expert

Friday 19 August 2022

Fires are accidents that induce heavy losses: loss of life and material loss. And yet, the risk of fire is extremely high in certain industrial structures. Thus, it seems urgent to strengthen security by making consistent barriers to prevent and better manage cases of fire. This is what the CREPIM laboratory has been created for.

CREPIM mission aims to support the fire safety sector to better deal with cases of fire or to better prevent them. More specifically, it is a laboratory deployed on European soil, a laboratory for the improvement, development, and validation of fire safety materials. Thus, the Crepim presents itself as a support to the sectors and to the actors who work against the occurrence and the ravages of fires.

It is a recognized and accredited company. It has indeed received the endorsement of COFRAC (the test section) and recognized by the FAA and CERTIFER. Created in 1992, CREPIM has been continuing its development.


CREPIM missions

Fire protection is the primary motivation of CREPIM, because securing products and people against fires seems to condition access to markets at both European and global level. For this, it is urgent to ensure the nature and quality of materials in certain sectors of activity. In fact, the use of plastic materials increases the risk of fire. Since the consequences of these fires are no less drastic and dramatic, CREPIM intends to work for the certification of materials before their access in companies.


CREPIM offer

In pursuit of its objective, the laboratory provides companies with solutions that can help them validate their materials. All this, with the sole aim of meeting and matching fire safety requirements throughout Europe. It provides them with effective and valid means for all the sectors concerned.


Four poles of excellence dedicated to fire safety

To effectively conduct the noble mission it has given itself, CREPIM strives to meet testing and development needs. It organizes all its activities around three principal areas:

  • Reaction to fire tests and abusive tests on batteries,
  • Fire resistance tests
  • Training,
  • Development.


CREPIM achievements

CREPIM develops, evaluates and certifies new formulas with foolproof resistance. Said formulas are fire resistant and are intended for the electricity, building, textile and transport sectors such as aviation, railway and naval network players. It should be noted that all the work of the laboratory takes place in an ecological framework, as far as the company shows a deep respect for the environment:

Key competences feature:

  • Reaction to fire
  • Fire resistance,
  • Heat transfer,
  • Product recycling.


CREPIM stakeholders

The members of the CREPIM laboratory are present in the segments of the railway sector in the region. They focus their efforts on strengthening safety and the pursuit of excellence. In their ranks, there are high-level and world-renowned manufacturers, people responsible for supplying the sectors with all kinds of equipment (the equipment manufacturers); subcontractors or liaison agents, providers of diverse services; offices in charge of studying cases, laboratory workers and analysts, researchers, members associated with the noble cause of fighting fires, the French certification body…..