material & fire test expert

CREPIM is the major European Laboratories for development and approval of materials covered by fire regulations

CREPIM develops, guaranties and qualifies the fire performances of materials and assemblies for all concerned areas, featuring the mass transportation sectors (railway, aviation and maritime), as well as in the construction, electric products, and textile sectors. All these studies take into account the end of life management of the product in order to be in line with the potential “second life” of the material and with its impact on the environment.

Our organisation features four divisions: (i) Development, (ii) Testing division, (iii) Certification division and (iv) Training division. The whole team includes 20 people featuring, for a large part, chemists, (MSc, doctors and senior scientists).

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Key player at the European level, CREPIM develops, guaranties and qualifies the fire performances of materials and assemblies

CREPIM Fire laboratories facilitate your access to the market

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  • Consultations dedicated to studies of requirements and adaptation of standards for product specification
  • Customer-specific training available on the site
  • Search for alternative suppliers for raw materials
  • Testing and Certification of materials and equipment and assemblies

CREPIM: a -Material and Fire Test Expert - organization focuses on flexibility and technical knowledge

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  • 70% of the results are provided within less than 3 weeks
  • A technical contact is dedicated in order to accompany you throughout your entire project

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Podcast du webinaire CREPIM - LRCPP du mardi 30 novembre 2021 

Ce webinaire a suscité beaucoup d'intérêt et nous vous proposons de le retrouver en podcast afin d'approfondir votre reflexion.

CREPIM: Material & Fire Test Expert


CREPIM - Material & Fire Test Expert - come back to India, after the Covid pandemia .

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EN45545-1, 2 & 3 #fire-testing
Development of FR resins and systems

Discover on line our pole of expertise dedicated to batteries fires and abusif tests

CREPIM : test batterie

  • UNECE R100, R 136 e-mobility,
  • UL 2580, NF EN 62619 – static systems,
  • ISO 12405, SAE J2464,
  • UL 1973.....


Bruxelles: une voiture électrique provoque un important incendie dans un parking

Le referentiel R100 dédié aux ve ne prend en compte pour l'instant que la résistance au feu externe. Les défauts internes conduisant à l'embrasement ne sont pas encore suffisamment pris en compte.
Une vrai problématique à prendre en compte pour les différents services gestionnaires et les services de secours.

CREPIM, l'UMET (CNRS/ULILLE), Materia Nova,  et Centexbel-VKC agissent ensemble pour une véritable valorisation des #plastiques Déchets d'Equipements Electriques et Electroniques (#DEEE) et la sensibilisation des acteurs du #recyclage.

CREPIM , UMET (CNRS/ULILLE), Materia Nova, and Centexbel-VKC are working together to promote the recovery of #plastics from Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (#WEEE) and to raise the awareness of those involved in #recycling.


CREPIM: Material  &Fire Test Expert: The laboratory benefits from all the accreditations, certifications, approvals, and recognition to secure our deliverables :

-COFRAC testing accreditation (Accreditation 1-5860, scope downloadable from

-CERTIFER recognition for the rail market,

-Recognition from the National Vehicle Reception Center (CNRV),

-IMO recognition for the maritime market,

-FAA and SWS recognition for the aeronautical market,

-The approval of the Ministry of the Interior for the emission of fire reaction reports (Classification M, NF EN 13-501, AM 18),

-European notification (CREPIM = NB 2137) for fire reaction tests related to CE marking of construction products (RPC),

-European notification (CREPIM = NB 2137) for fire resistance tests related to CE marking of construction products (RPC),

-Qualiopi certification for our training actions,

-Approval for Research Tax Credit for our development actions,

-Non exhaustive list...CREPIM: Material & Fire Test Expert