The Testing pole provides you with a complete set of fire testing methods; to characterize the reaction to fire of you materials and assemblies.

  • For European Railway, Fire testing according to EN 45545-2, including annexes A & B for seat
  • For French Railway Fire testing according to NF F 16 101/102 and 201
  • For American Railway Fire testing according to NFPA 130 , including ASTM E 162 radiant panel
  • For Aircraft, Fire testing according to FAR 25.853 + annex F
  • For Shipping, Fire testing according to 2012 FTP codes, including EN ISO 5658-2 radiant panel
  • For Building, Fire testing according to Euroclasses, including EN 13823 SBI fire test ( CREPIM= NB 2137)
  • For cars industry, Fire testing according to NF ISO 3795/ FMVSS 302
  • For E&E equipments, Fire testing according to NF EN 60695-2-12, UL94
  • More 50 fire test method available for seats, upholstery...

We have set up different levels of offers to fit with you request of fair price, lead time and quality. Feel free to contact us for any demand. We follow the fire test evolution via the French mirror group linked to TC 127 – building and TC256 - railways

The development of CREPIM continues in the context of fire resistance, with the extension of our COFRAC accreditation to the tests EN 1363-1, EN 1634-1 and EN 1634-2. These applied to the rail reference system (EN 45545-3) and maritime (FTP code 2010 part 3 and part 4).

We can also perform all types of non-accredited tests related to standards for partitions and walls (EN 1364-1), ceilings (EN 1364-2) and doors (EN 1634-1), as well as other standards.

The Certification pole features skilled teams devoted to 3rd part certification

  • Impartiality, confidentiality, independence
  • Highly skilled team of worldwide specialists
  • A single project leader to pass all the certification steps

Our service is completely integrated, with a sole contact point, which makes the procedure easy to handle form your side.

The Development pole – it is our original activity – to support you in the development of FR formulas:

  • Formulation of materials and products to meet fire test requirements and codes
  • Development and benchmark of flame retardant solutions taking into account REACH and ROHS regulations and the end of life management of the product in order to be in line with the potential “second life” of material.
  • Assistance funding (Gvt Tax refund program "CIR")

Focus on FR resins development, Thermoplastic or thermoset, mainly based on all technologies, featuring intumescence

The Training pole to upgrade you skill regarding

  • Fireproofing chemistry and strategies - Flame retardant systems
  • Fire testing method and standardisation
  • Fire regulation
  • Control laws relating to the triptych [material-material reaction to fire]

More than 20 training sessions focused on fire: feel free to tease us for any request and become fire expert

CREPIM is the major European Laboratories for development and approval of materials covered by fire regulations. CREPIM develops, guaranties and qualifies the fire performances of materials and assemblies for all concerned areas, featuring the mass transportation sectors (railway, aviation and maritime), as well as in the construction, electric products, and textile sectors. All these studies take into account the end of life management of the product in order to be in line with the potential “second life” of the material and with its impact on the environment.

Our organisation features four divisions: (i) Development, (ii) Testing division, (iii) Certification division and (iv) Training division. The whole team includes 20 people featuring, for a large part, chemists, (MSc, doctors and senior scientists).

Feel free to challenge us for any needs !!!

Whatever the business considered, innovation is a major key to success. Since every single firm does not own a R&D department, they can benefit from CREPIM’s know-how for 20 years, on topics dealing with fire reaction and resistance. CREPIM represents for those companies the opportunity to lead technical developments.

CREPIM multitasks development team is working from dawn to dusk to work out your new products. We can support you on each step of the development process. This includes technical specifications elaboration, formulation, cost study, industrialization and patent application.

CREPIM: fire test and safety expertise

With an excellent knowledge of fire regulations, materials, fire mechanisms, fire protection strategies and additives market, CREPIM helps you formulating and testing your products in order to meet the requirements allowing accessing the market. Our chemists team will assist you throughout the development process of your new products:

Developments carried out in CREPIM are marked by pragmatism, and innovation comes from the latest scientific discoveries. Never forgetting the objective, our team always uses compulsory tests for the market targeted. Our accreditations and rigorous metrological monitoring guarantee effective developments and reliable results. Our equipment enables to focus on the following markets:

Fire reaction
CREPIM: fire test : heat release rate measurement on various FR polymeric formulation with cone calorimeter NF EN ISO 5660
CREPIM: fire test: Assessment of intumescing formulation - swelling under 35 kW/m² heat stress
CREPIM: fire test: Assessment of intumescing formulation - swelling under 35 kW/m² heat stress - IR Camera
CREPIM: fire test: Assessment of intumescing formulation - swelling under 35 kW/m² heat stress - measurement of the heat transfert

The fire reaction is characterized by the ability of a material to spread a fire. Usually, fire regulations deal with:

CREPIM owns all the relevant tests to characterize the fire performance throughout the development process. Some of them are specifically suitable to get an overview of the smoke and fire characteristics:

CREPIM: fire test: assessment materials/assemblies - reaction to fire characterization with cone calorimeter NF EN ISO 5660

Cone calorimeter
ISO 5660-1

The name “Cone Calorimeter” was derived from the shape of the truncated conical heater that Dr. Vytenis Babrauskas used to irradiate the test specimen (100mm x 100mm) with fluxes up to 100 kW/m2 in the bench scale oxygen depletion calorimeter he and his co-workers developed at NIST

The Cone Calorimeter is the most significant bench scale instrument in the field of fire testing because it measures important real fire properties of the material being tested under a variety of preset conditions. These measurements can be used directly by researchers or they can be used as data for input into correlation or mathematical models used to predict fire development. Directly measured properties include:

This tool can also be combined with a thermographic camera so that the temperature can be monitored during testing. This is of great importance when the thermal barrier effect of a product is assessed.

CREPIM: fire test assessment of materials reaction to fire with NF EN ISO 4589-2 Limit Oxygen Index ILO


This test aims to determine the maximum oxygen content which can be submitted to a material so that the combustion stops within 3 minutes maximum. Also, the flame cannot spread over 50mm vertically on the sample. The useful information given by this test is actually the self-extinction ability of a material under specified conditions of combustion.

CREPIM: fire test assessment of materials reaction to fire with flaming persistency measurement tests UL 94 or NF EN 60695-11-20

UL 94-V

UL 94 is a plastics flammability standard released by Underwriters Laboratories of the USA. Usually the application deals with the electrical and electrotechnical branch. This classification is not intended to give any information about the behavior of a material in case of a real fire, but it’s very simple to perform and it is internationally recognized.

CREPIM: fire test assessment of material/assemblies reaction to fire - including smoke opacity and toxicity with the NF EN ISO 5659-2 smoke box coupled with IRTF

Smoke chamber

Smoke test consists in submitting the sample to a controlled heat in an airtight enclosure. An optical device monitors the smoke production during the test. Simultaneously, gases produced are picked up twice and analyzed so that a critical index of toxicity is calculated.

And so many more, standardized as well as customized...

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Fire resistance

As a fire develops, the main risks consist in the spreading from piece to piece and also the collapsing of the building. Fire resistance actually gives information on the time during which the construction components maintain their mechanical and insulating properties. Fire resistance is measured as the time to failure of one or more criteria, the most common of which are:

Other criteria which are not linked directly to the use of insulation materials are: radiation W, smoke tightness S, and resistance to mechanical impact M.

CREPIM: fire resistancy test for assessing 1m² sample (or 4 samples of 0.2m²) in vertical and horizontal position

CREPIM’s fire resistance furnace (1m3) is available for monitoring all these key parameters and thus giving the possibility to optimize formulations so that requirements are met.

CREPIM: fire resistancy test : fire scenario

Temperature rises during a fire is described in ISO 834 which represents the conventional curve of the thermal evolution of a fire (internationally recognized). This is why we usually use it for the fire resistance investigations.

Whatever, CREPIM is always available to help and guide throughout your development process in connection with fire reaction and smoke toxicity/opacity. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.