Organisation of the fire tests protocole in maritime & navy aeras

CREPIM is COFRAC accredited and IMO recognized to lead fire safety tests in the navy industry according to the 2010 FTP Code.
The tests realised in the CREPIM are the following ones:

Part 1 – Incombustibility Test – NF EN ISO 1182

This fire test allows the determination, in some specified conditions, of the material incombustibility performance. The aim is to ensure that the tested product only releases a very limited heat and flame quantities while exposed at high temperatures (750°C). The measured parameters are the presence and the duration of the ignition, the mass lost and the temperature rise inside the material.

CREPIM : test feu IMO FTP code partie 1 : NF EN ISO 1182 : four

Part 2 – Smoke opacity and toxicity– ISO 5659-2

This fire test allows the simultaneous measurement of the release smoke quantity dispersed in a fixed air volume by a material under a radiant heat source and the toxicity of the gaseous effluents.

CREPIM : test feu IMO FTP code partie 2 : EN ISO 5659-2 - détermination de l'opacité des fumées - porte éprouvette horizontal

CREPIM : test feu IMO FTP code partie 2 : NF EN ISO 5659-2 : mesure de la toxicité des fumées avec l'IRTF - porte éprouvette horizontal / spectre IR

For this test, the samples are fixed horizontally under a radiant heat source comparable to a truncated cone heater. Three configurations are tested: 25 kW/m2 with and without a pilot flame and 25 kW/m2 without a pilot flame.

The opacity is recorded by the transmission of a light beam inside the chamber throughout the period of test and the relevant parameter is a maximal specific density or Dm.
The smoke toxicity is measured thanks to Fourrier transformed infra-red (FTIR) with a gas cell. The measured gas, according to the 2010 FTP Code, are : CO, HBr, HCl, HF, HCN, NOx and SO2.


Part 5 and Part 6 – Flame propagation test for surface material and main deck covering - ISO 5658-2

The aim of this fire test is to measure the flame propagation (CFE and Qsb) on a material subject to a radiant and convective heat flow (50 kW/m2 at the hottest point) and to measure at the same time the material contribution to the fire or the material heat release (Qt and Qp) thanks to thermocouples in the smoke extraction chimney.

CREPIM : test feu IMO FTP code partie 5 : NF EN ISO 5658-2 : panneau radiant vertical

Part 10 - Appendice 2: Heat release measurement test with a calorimeter according to ISO 5660

This fire test measures the heat released from a material / system, under a radiant heat.

CREPIM also set up a new laboratory for fire reaction tests on military vessels according to the standard STANAG 4602- Standardization Agreement for Fire Assessment of Material.

We are now accredited by COFRAC on AFAP (Allied Fire Assessment publications) listed below :

  • AFAP 1, whose tests ISO 4589-2 and ISO 1716.
  • AFAP 2, focusing on smoke opacity measurement tests according to ISO 5659-2; with measurement of the smoke density at 10 min (Ds10) and at the maximum value (Dm)
  • AFAP 3  focused on the measurement of smoke toxicity according to NF X 70-100 at the temperatures of 350 & 800 ° C, including acrolein & formaldehyde (350 ° C), and phenol (800 ° C)
  • AFAP 4 focused on the evaluation of the critical flow at the time of extinction, as well as the quantity of heat released in the form of heat flow, according to ISO 5658
  • AFAP 5 dedicated to the measurement of heat flow according to ISO 5660

CREPIM : test feu IMO FTP code partie 1 : NF EN ISO 1182 : four

These new capabilities are an indispensable complement to our materials expertise, to further improve the quality of our support, based on our historical sense of listening.

All business use more and more complex material based on polymeric complexes, and our evolution towards these new set of fire tests points out our willingness to support our partner in this transformation