Our development teams are all chemist and that make us more focus to develop the FR chemistry you need, taking into account the processing conditions

In order to facilitate your access to the development process, CREPIM obtained in 2007 the status of Technology Resource Centre (TRC) issued by the Ministry of Research, which aims at qualifying technologic structures supporting the industry, and TCR CREPIM is automatically eligible to RESEARCH TAX CREDIT.


CREPIM is a European laboratory working on development and validation of materials used in areas affected by fire safety. Located in the heart of Europe, CREPIM develops, tests and certifies fire resistant formulations for companies working in the areas of mass transportation (rail, aviation and naval), construction, electricity and textiles. This activity does pay attention to the respect of environmental directives and takes into account the product’s end of life.

CREPIM is, for manufacturers, a unique opportunity to be in tune with the requirements of different European markets and also ensures their easy access. To gather the requirements of development and testing, the activity of CREPIM is organized following 3 areas :

  • Fire Test Division
  • Development Division
  • Training Division

Our development division is managed through a scientific committee which meets annually and counts as core members :

CREPIM test feu : Jürgen Troitzsch Président du Conseil Scientifique
Jürgen Troitzsch

Président du conseil scientifique
Fire and Environment Protection Service

CREPIM test feu : Philippe Salemis Scrutateur/Sapiteur
Philippe Salemis

Sector Group Manager at CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council)
Manager of EFRA (Europan Fire Retardant Association)
Manager of PINFA (Phosphorous, Inorganic and Nitrogen Flame retardant association)

CREPIM test feu : Stephane Contal Scrutateur/Sapiteur
Stéphane Contal

Lieutenant Colonel