In fire area, the understanding of fire chemistry, standardisation and regulation is essentiel to be online with the markets requirements

CREPIM is an European laboratory for development and validation of materials for areas affected by fire safety. Located in the heart of Europe, CREPIM develops, tests and certifies fire resistant formulations for companies working in the sectors of mass transportation (railways, aircrafts and boats), building, electrical and textiles. This activity is carried out in a manner that is respectful of the environment that takes into account the end of life products.

CREPIM is for these manufacturers a unique opportunity to be in tune with the requirements of different European markets and also ensures their simplified access. To better meet the needs of development and testing activity is organized CREPIM following 4 areas:

Training is essential to follow developments. As the increasing use of plastics in most major sectors leads to a significant increase in fire risks humanly and economically often have dramatic consequences.

In addition, statistical data on the fire show that cases of mortality are mainly due to the inhalation of toxic smokes. The need to develop flame retardant polymers which don’t release toxic and opaque smoke is therefore a key objective.

This need has become more pressing since the regulation tends towards greater security and limits seriously the use of many materials.

This requires therefore a technology watch. The approach seems complicated but CREPIM developed a full service training from upstream - formulation of plastics - far downstream - evolutions of tests and regulations.

Themes resume:

This list is not exhaustive and our teams are at your disposal to build a training plan focused on your needs. Our service is designated - groups, face to face, and carried out on your site or in our company.

Whether you working on a new technical project, you develop new markets, or you have to deal with litigation, our services allow you to put you at ease at technical, standardization and regulation level.

Do not hesitate to contact us to help you in your approach.

CREPIM: fire training and conferences

CREPIM: fire training and conferences

CREPIM: fire training and conferences

CREPIM: fire training and conferences

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