CREPIM benefits from strong bonds with several networks and associations

CREPIM is historically linked to the «Unité Matériaux et Transformations» (UMET-CNRS UMR 8207) laboratory at Lille University. The UMET body both aims to lead the activities dealing with material science within the Chevreuil Federation at Lille University and also giving birth to synergistic collaborations required to do more and more efficient research in a context of increasing national and worldwide competition. The whole unit is willing to exhibit some cohesiveness on topics approached, since the teams' core competencies are dealing with material science.

CREPIM also collaborates with the «Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille», its historical partner. The ENSCL benefits from a strong link to industry, several international exchanges, and a high level research combined to an ethical vision of the training and practice of chemistry.

CREPIM has just set up a common body with Jules Verne University in Picardie (France), and more precisely the Professor Postel’s laboratory. This joint-venture called SERFBIO offers global packages from organic synthesis, to technological development and qualification of fire retardant solutions. This association opens up new areas of technology such as organic synthesis, especially functionalization of sugar alcohols and monosaccharides, development of tools dealing with the the vectorization of active ingredients and glycoside skeleton. This skill can be adapted to your specific needs in order to develop brand new generations of additives.

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CREPIM: fire expertise in biosourced material via the SERFBIO platform

CREPIM works also in collaboration with the Codem through the establishment of the «bâtiment Energie» platform, which is a national network supported by the Ademe and the CSTB.

Border network Interreg

The INTERREG is a European program of border cooperation aspiring to strengthen economic and social exchanges between Nord Pas de Calais and neighbouring regions.

The INTERREG IV A program France – Wallonia – Vlaanderen is a European program of border cooperation aspiring to strengthen economic and social exchanges between Nord Pas de Calais / Champagne-Ardenne / Picardie in France and Wallonia / Vlaanderen in Belgium. Interreg IV B Northwest Europe

Le CREPIM is taking an active part to international network that allows you to build new industrial partnerships and offers growing possibilities. CREPIM consequently plays a major role through its involvement in several European networks.

Le CREPIM was or is still partner of the following cross-border projects:

CREPIM: fire test

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The CREPIM participates to the regional economic development throughout its active involvement to the business clusters
CREPIM interacts with regional and national institutions on the topics of Research and Technological Development