A material and test double expertise to characterize and to qualify your materials for all the fire safety standards.

CREPIM is an European Laboratory for the development and the approval of materials covered by fire regulations. Located in the heart of Europe, CREPIM tests, develops and certifies fire resistant formulas for companies working in the mass transportation sector (such as railway, aircraft and maritime industry), electrical applications, in the building and the textile sectors. This activity is environmentally friendly led and takes into account the product end of life.

For the manufacturers, CREPIM represents a key opportunity to be in direct contact with the requirements of the various European markets, and also guarantees them a straight access to these markets. In order to better answer the needs of development and testing, CREPIM activity features four poles:

The Testing pole was born from CREPIM will to focus on its company contacts and more especially on its SME/SMI contacts. The chosen pathway was the regulation. The associated constraints finally give a competitive advantage to the first companies able to meet the new standard requirements… and thus able to anticipate the regulation evolution. CREPIM has anticipated for years this phenomenon by professionalizing the service provided to the client. Indeed, it is the qualification test downstream which gives the value of the development work upstream.

In the light of this, the test certificates delivered by CREPIM have the European and international recognition:

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