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Fire : facts and figures
Source: Home – France- 2009

The number of fires has doubled in the last twenty years and the house fire is the second cause of death by accident in the home among children under 5 years after the drowning.

14% of fires are started by children, which represents more than 6,000 fires per year in France. Attracted by the fire – we all played with matches when we were young, they are often the first victims of the fires they cause.
25% of fires are electrical.
75% of fire starts result of blunders or deliberate acts.
Christmas tree burns within the first 30 seconds.
In a fire, the combustion of polymers is responsible for:

More than 10,000 wounded and amongst them, 3,000 are living with a severe disability. 800 deaths per year in France and 80% of deaths are due to intoxication by fire effluents. Two thirds of the victims die suffocated in their sleep. The cost of home fires is approximately € 1.3 billion.

Also note that the time available to evacuate a local fire decreases in 30 years from 15 to 3 min, which justifies the use of flame retardant materials that will limit the reaction to fire sets.

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